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Partner Benefits from Working with ViTel Net

  • Ability to rapidly deploy clinical service/care system, with regional, national & global reach – all from a single, established connected care platform
  • Minimal to Zero Capital Expense: opportunity to leverage ViTel Net’s low cost of entry subscription model
  • Scheduling/Operations solution: Replicable & Scalable
  • Opportunities to create large-scope service scorecard on key activities and outcomes
  • Joint development of new clinical service lines or extending services to new markets
  • Joint development of new technology solutions
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Technology Partners

  • Cyber Security, Software Development, High-Performance Computing, Network Engineering, Service Desk, Multimedia Content Generation, Strategic Messaging, Video Production and Multi-Disciplinary Engineering
  • Advanced integrated clinical environments, Standards development, Collaboration in the domain of medical device interoperability.
  • Integrated video collaboration, Highest quality-definition real-time video communications, Embed into workflow processes
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Clinical Services Partners

  • Acute care telehealth – stroke, critical care, psychiatry
  • Multispecialty specialty care and cardio imaging
  • Neurology, weight management, concierge medicine
  • Onsite and telehealth clinical services, with 5500+ US-licensed physicians