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ViTel Net vCareNet

ViTel Net offers turnkey technical solutions that are highly configurable and adaptable to an unlimited variety of practice settings and clinical workflows. Delivering solutions that span the entire telehealth continuum of care, our vCareNet (shown above) software includes integrated medical imaging, provider collaboration tools, secure video and data hosting, and supports both synchronous and asynchronous clinical workflows.

ViTel Net vCareCommand

With the addition of ViTel Net’s vCareCommand (shown below), we bring our integration engine and services into the single runtime platform, supporting a multi-provider, multi-solution integration model. We believe the greatest value is that the customer decides what technologies, applications, vendors, and providers they need to build their telehealth network, and we are the “glue” that seamlessly aggregates and delivers integrated patient information and workflow.

vCareNet and vCareCommand are made possible by ViTel Net’s development platform – our key differentiator and greatest value to customers. Beginning with our mature, off-the-shelf solutions and adding the robust library of functions, script library and workflow engine reduces delivery time and erases expensive programming costs.

The ViTel Net Product Portfolio (PDF)

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