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Telehealth App for COVID-19 pandemic - integrated in a day

Telehealth Solutions Across the COVID-19 Continuum of Care

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  • Telehealth Triage: screen & triage incoming patient calls
  • Remote Patient Monitoring: in-home quarantined & ICU isolation patients
  • Infectious disease Specialty Consult

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Telehealth Triage - nothing to install!

Screen & triage current & new patients for infectious disease

COVID-19 initial screening documentation with on-demand, virtual waiting room, and live video

  • Deploy immediately & use clinicans’ and patients’ existing devices
  • Leverage your existing call center
  • Scale potential with cost-effective per provider pricing
  • Secure, HIPAA-compliant
  • Simple click-to-join for both patients & staff

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Remote Patient Monitoring - Infectious Disease Quarantining at Home

Caring for COVID-19 Patients Anywhere

  • Easy, convenient, remote evaluation & treatment
  • Limit staff & patient exposure, while improving access to care
  • Use patients’ own devices (smart phone, tablet, laptop, PC)
  • Offering TytoPro option to collect data – no minimum quanities with our solution
  • Diagnose & triage more quickly
  • Save time, money, … and lives


Caring for patients in their home

Quarantined patients monitored, as they recover at home.
Providers share data with patients and families, as well as other care team members & specialists

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TytoPro with ViTel Net - capture, review, share, and diagnose remotely

High-quality, remote exam kit with best-in-class telehealth platform

  • Examine heart, lungs, skin, ears, throat, and abdomen, and measure body temperature for remote diagnosis
  • Using ViTel Net’s web app with embedded support for Tytocare exams, remote clinicians access clinical and diagnostic info necessary to diagnose and treat patients. The easy-to-use, all-in-one device has an affordable annual subscription & no upfront hardware cost
  • Order in any quantity for the integration solution

Minimize cost & risk of isolation room visits

Telehealth equipment limits exposure

  • Images and data transmitted to the remote specialist in real-time
  • Clinicians remotely control hi-def camera with Follow My Finger technology
  • Patient information entered in the web app for simple workflow and automatically transmitted to the EHR for complete records
  • HIPAA-compliant communications and access to patient data

Announcing an industry-first!

Interpreter-on-demand within your telehealth workflow

With just 3 clicks, clinicians are connected to live interpreters - removing the language barrier


Connecting speciality and primary care teams with patients

Live, video specialty consults facilitate patient evaluation – quickly and immediately.

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