Top 10 Facts to Know About ViTel Net

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ViTel Net is a global telehealth technology & services company delivering connected care software, point-of-care technology & clinical service provider partners
necessary to 
efficiently distribute health care resources – to reduce costs and improve care access & quality.

Features of ViTel Net Solutions

Clinical Services

  • Multi-specialty provider services for clinical consultation
  • Primary Care, Outpatient Specialty & Hospital-based Acute Consults
  • Supporting real-time & asynchronous care models

vCareNet Hardware

  • vCareCart – carted systems
  • vCareHome – complete mobile cases
  • Health-eKiosks
  • Peripheral/patient data capture devices
  • Video Communications
ViTel Net Technology & Software Solution Module Image

vCareNet Software

  • Telehealth Continuum of Care Solutions
  • Software for specialized care models
  • Patient data & consultation documentation

vCareCommand Platform

  •  Software supporting centralized functions, data integration engine, workflow, scheduling
  • Imaging & multi-vendor, multi­provider system integration

ViTel Net Solutions

ViTel Net Hardware