Top 10 Things to Know About ViTel Net

Usability & Customer-Driven Workflow = Fast & Affordable Solutions

Providing an off-the-shelf, mature suite of applications & reconfigures elements to meet customer-defined workflows…our core organizational value is “one solution doesn’t fit all.” With customer value driving all that we do, the ViTel Net development platform has continually evolved over 20+ years. Today we are unsurpassed in our ability to deliver a library of functions, toolkit of scripts and workflow engine that delivers a unique solution that you, the customer defines. Rather than expensive or time-consuming code development or a wait-until-we-get-to-it software roadmap – the customer tells us what they’d like to use off-the-shelf and what they’d like to reconfigure and we drag & drop into place to meet their clinical and operational needs head-on.

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Sustaining Future-Proofing Customer Solutions

Sustaining & Future-Proofing Customer Solutions

ViTel Net is driven to improve health and well-being of individuals and communities while meeting challenges of an ever-evolving healthcare landscape. To that end, we continually assess our solutions so they remain flexible to empower a customer’s choice and need to adapt to dynamic clinical and business needs over time. What a customer chooses to use today may change over time – and a customer’s choice today should not be risky for continuous improvement in the future. Because our suite of solutions is modular and aligned with customer-incentives to drive scale and adoption, we avoid software user license limitations and hidden costs, and deliver standards-based technologies and tiered maintenance plans with modular updates and upgrades included.

A Positive Consumer Experience & Provider Satisfaction is #1

Spanning the entire telehealth continuum of care – ViTel Net’s solutions unify patient data and simplify data integration, image capture/sharing and consultation coordination. Care teams and if desired, patients and their family caregivers may access patient information for episodes of care now and longitudinally. Engaging patients in their care and empowering them to connect to providers in a seamless and easy-to-use manner helps link them closely to their providers without messy and time-consuming administrative tasks. A streamlined, clear communications approach with just enough technology enhances care, improves outcomes and the patient & provider experience. We don’t require providers to fit into our models of care – we fit into theirs.

Positive Consumer Experience Provider Satisfaction
Enabling Clinical Use Case in Care Setting

vCareNet - Enabling Any Clinical Use Case in Any Care Setting

Supporting the entire telehealth continuum of care, we provide solutions for both synchronous & asynchronous encounters. With integrated medical imaging & provider documentation and collaboration tools available within the consultation environment, ViTel Net solutions are modular & quickly configured to meet current and future demands of any given clinical scenario. From community settings, to hospitals and post-acute care, vCareNet solutions may stand alone or be integrated so a patient’s data follows them to all points along the care continuum. With a customer-defined clinical need, and the ViTel Net clinical templates, the number of clinical solutions we may provide is virtually limitless.

vCareCommand – Systems integration, A Key Differentiator for Connected Care

HIT systems (EMR/EHR/PACS), provider groups and patient data sources in a single run-time platform – both ViTel Net supplied and non-ViTel Net supplied – our customers choose the best fit for their organization. Communication and data sharing is seamless and integrated into unique organizational workflows, allowing our customers to leverage current investments, new “best of breed” applications and various providers and clinical use cases into a single, unified platform architecture. Providing the “glue” to integrate patient health data, imaging, video collaboration, clinical documentation, EHRs and other health IT systems, ViTel Net is a champion for vendor neutrality to enable heterogeneous telehealth solutions specific to the needs of each and every customer.

Sustaining & Future-Proofing Customer Solutions

Hybrid Staffing Solutions Integrated Seamlessly, Efficiently and Dynamically

Integrate multiple provider groups, internal and external to your organization and consultation coordination into a single platform – you choose the best fit for you. ViTel Net not only delivers the platform for seamless operations, we offer our customer’s choice in staffing provider resources through our network of vetted acute, primary and specialty care group partnerships. Optimization and choice of critical clinical resources are key to the success of any telehealth program, and healthcare organization. Filling staffing gaps and supporting acute care models, inpatient consultation, outpatient specialty services and limited diagnostic imaging services – ViTel Net tools and resources may support full coverage, block scheduling and temporary coverage models from a single platform. Coupled with a 24/7/265 help desk and a patient/provider scheduling module – clinicians are free to do what they do best, care for patients.

Moving Beyond Silos – Patient Data Aggregation across Care Settings and HIT Systems

ViTel Net offers a connected care platform for a unified operating solution. Giving customers the ability to drive multiple clinical services and operational workflows from a single source, we aggregate patient data on the backend and provide it seamlessly across clinical services and patient locations. Increasing the appropriate admission and retention of patients within a health system/hospital while fortifying local clinical capacity to keep patients in their communities when possible, highly available patient data leads to actionable insight and increased support of providers who have access to both current and historical patient data at their fingertips and within the care referral request.

Patient Data Aggregation across Care Settings HIT Systems
Operational Efficiencies, Productivity for Clinical Quality, Financial Sustainability

Operational Efficiencies & Productivity - Vital for Clinical Quality & Financial Sustainability

ViTel Net is committed to help support, manage and monitor operations to enable clinical quality and financial sustainability for our customers. As provider resources and administrative tools work together to enhance clinical services, our solutions diminish complexity of unique provider workflows, patient scheduling, queuing and provider alerts, thereby streamlining care operations and providing administrative tools and master worklists to gain efficiencies immediately and over time. Harnessing ViTel Net solutions to effectively distribute clinical resources and best practices more broadly helps to address costs associated with call coverage, and absent local specialties; while improving financial performance by potentially speeding patient throughput, elevating care indices and adding new clinical service revenue streams.

Experienced Multi-Disciplinary Leadership – Legacy of Innovation & Customer Satisfaction

As a global telehealth technology and services company, we will continue to apply the healthcare knowledge and experience we’ve gained over nearly three decades to continually adapt and support current and future clinical workflows and business requirements of our customers. As an industry leader and innovator with proven experience in designing, integrating, implementing and supporting software and hardware medical devices – our primary goal and our CEO’s top business priority is Customer Service & Satisfaction. ViTel Net’s investment in people and industry leaders includes over 200 aggregate years of relevant healthcare and telehealth experience nationally and internationally in government, public private sectors; in business (payor and provider), clinical, operational and technical domains, as well as national industry leadership.

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Healthcare-leaders ViTel Net Executive Customers Strategies

ViTel Net Executes Customers Strategies

Rather than viewing telehealth as an ongoing special project or demonstration – over time, successful organizations will use telehealth as a strategy to achieve business objectives and clinical quality targets throughout the enterprise. This has become increasing important as we are transition from fee-for-service reimbursement to alternate payment models. In partnership with our customers, the ViTel Net leadership team provides needed skills and experience to help organizations align clinical goals, financial objectives and technical resources – aiding in successful realization of the full potential of all that telehealth promises, and enabling the integration of telehealth into the every-day practice of medicine.