Why Telehealth?

Our customers adopt telehealth services to improve patient & provider access, reduce network leakage, enhance population health services and enhance coordinated care delivery models. In addition, they may qualify for new financial incentives based on documentation of improved healthcare outcomes.

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Streamlined Dataflow & Workflow

Communication is seamless and integrated into unique organizational workflows. Current investments, new applications, various provider groups communicate across a single, unified platform.

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Efficient Care Models

Best practices defined by providers and their patients – supported by highly consistent documentation – across all capture points along the continuum of care. Documentation is easily shared and easily accessed.

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Improved User Experience

Access to patient information for episodes of care and longitudinally. Unique provider workflows are supported – data is aggregated and easy to access, just-enough technology supports real-time & asynchronous communication.

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Increased Access & Care Quality

Provider resources and administrative tools work together to enhance clinical services. Utilization data and time-stamps lead to actionable performance data and consistent measurement of success.

Telehealth Across the Continuum of Care

Telehealth services may be deployed to span multiple care settings and medical specialties, building a foundation for a “connected” patient and provider experience.

Telehealth by the Numbers