Increasingly, individuals are seeking to access their health information, verify test results, schedule and interact with their physicians wherever and whenever they choose. Existing mobile, tablet and computer technologies facilitate such convenience for other services and products, and are now being used to supplement or replace in-person clinical visits. As with other telehealth solutions, virtual visits have the potential to increase access, reduce the rate of growth of costs, and enhance the efficiency of health care.

vCare Net


ViTel Net’s vCare Net (virtual visit) solution meets the needs of individuals seeking access to their health information and clinicians outside of the confines of a medical office or clinic using HIPAA-compliant data and video platforms. Using a smartphone, tablet or computer with a webcam that has an Internet connection, individuals enjoy easy and convenient access to their health care.

Via an account on the vCare Net patient portal, individuals are able to reach their healthcare provider, their telehealth medical record, schedule medical appointments and upload electronic documents, reports, photos of rashes, wounds or other relevant images.

Rather than having to wait days or weeks to schedule a face-to-face appointment at a physician's office, and take the time to travel to and from that location, a videoconference can be scheduled, and patients can have their visit from wherever they choose – home, work, or other convenient locations.