ViTel Net's Referral-Consult solution facilitates real-time, video clinical evaluation of patients by physicians, expanding access to specialty and primary care. As a result, patients in rural and medically underserved areas can receive timely and convenient diagnosis and treatment from remote healthcare providers. Our solution enables both referring and consulting sites to enter patient information quickly and easily and to obtain a patient’s physiological data and images and "forward" them for later review or transmit them in real time to a specialist for evaluation. This solution uses high-definition, HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing technologies to connect patients and physician
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Portable Telehealth Case

ViTel Net's Portable Telehealth Case provides all the features and benefits of our Referral-Consult carts, includes a range of integrated wired & Bluetooth-enabled medical devices and sensors, for portable use. Patients in remote locations can benefit from access to specialist and other clinical providers, to facilitate timely and convenient diagnosis and treatment. This solution also uses high-definition, HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing, and provides a simple clinical solution, which can easily be integrated into existing clinical workflows to enhance access to high quality care.
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Medical Specialty Modules

ViTel Net’s specialty Referral-Consult modules are designed to assist the evaluation of patients by physicians from a variety of different specialties.

Available specialties and specialized forms can be tailored easily and rapidly to meet the needs and preferences of each health care organization.
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