Vitel Net’s telehealth eKiosk solution conveniently and efficiently enables patient access to clinical care in a pharmacy or other setting, while protecting the privacy and security of health information. High-quality streaming HPAA-compliant data and video connects the patient with his or her primary care or specialist physician, within a room or enclosure that assures privacy. Customizable audio questionnaires can be administered to assess patient symptoms. And the patient’s heart rate, blood pressure, temperature and weight can be measured, forwarded to the physician, and added to the patient’s medical record. Using electronic instruments in the eKiosk, the physician is able to listen to heart and lung sounds, examine ears, eyes and skin lesions, and measure weight and blood oxygen level easily and painlessly. Customizable health and disease-specific education derived from evidence-based clinical practice guidelines can be accessed.

Health eKiosk


Health kiosks can enable patients to monitor their own vital signs, offer an alternative method for remote patient monitoring and disease management for patients with chronic illnesses, and provide convenient access to urgent care when healthcare facilities are located far away.

Using health kiosks, patients can measure vital signs and track health information, send it to their healthcare provider, and have online urgent care visits