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MIIP Diagram

MedVizer Informatics Integration Platform (MIIP)

In the early 1990’s, when ViTel Net first starting working in the telemedicine/telehealth industry, we recognized that there were several barriers to widespread adoption. These included an inadequate communications infrastructure, lack of widespread reimbursement for care delivered via telemedicine, cross-state licensing requirements, and the reluctance among care providers to embrace new care delivery models that provided care-at-a-distance to supplement and/or replace traditional in patient encounters.

Over the past 20 years, by using an open, modular architecture and incorporating increasingly robust data and interoperability standards, ViTel Net has succeeded in creating the MedVizer Informatics Integration Platform (MIIP) – a suite of components that allow us to configure and tailor telemedicine solutions to meet the needs of each customer without writing programming code.

MIIP Components

Function Library

  • We have 25 years of experience developing telehealth functions including videoconferencing, image management, image services, work lists, EHR & PACS integration, etc.

Assembler Engine

  • A software development platform that combines functions and data fields into tailored solutions that meet customer-specific requirements and workflows. Thus we create solutions without the overhead and delays caused by the usual approach of writing new software to address unique customer needs.

Script Library

  • Provides the capability to rapidly fine tune our telehealth solutions to maximally address customer needs and preferences without changing the underlying code.


ViTel Net's MIIP Components Representation

ViTel Net's MIIP Components and Modules

Benefits of the MIIP

ViTel Net’s use of the MIIP benefits our clients because their telehealth solutions have the following characteristics:

  • Tailored to their unique workflows and business requirements
  • Customized, sustainable solutions at a commodity price
  • Lower cost implementation and expansion of deployment
  • Initial, tailored solutions are created and delivered rapidly
  • Subsequent updates provided quickly, ensuring support for and alignment with changes in health care delivery models
  • Solutions in operational use can be modified and enhanced online without disrupting clinical activities
  • Initial and ongoing user training requirements are significantly reduced due to the similarity of the look-and-feel and workflow to existing health IT systems
  • Seamless extension across the entire telehealth continuum of care as customer requirements evolve and grow over time

Device & Integration

ViTel Net’s approach is device neutral and provides a platform upon which most medical peripherals and imaging devices can be easily integrated. ViTel Net's layered architecture permits data from any from any connected device to be shared across the enterprise. Configurable workflows are seamlessly integrated with data from multiple sources to provide solutions with unparalleled control. Organizational data sharing is enabled automatically using ViTel Net’s methodology.

ViTel Net’s solutions incorporates the latest health IT industry standards for data terminology and transport to ensure seamless interoperability with other health IT systems.

Network Diagram

PC and mobile devices

Platform-Independent, Enterprise-Wide

Our modular architecture and scalable infrastructure enable us to provide complete enterprise-wide solutions for our customers. Security, integration with legacy systems and the ability to capture and present information anytime and anywhere are the hallmarks of our technology offering.

ViTel Net provides solutions with adaptability unprecedented in the healthcare IT industry. Solutions are enabled across a variety of technology platforms (PC, laptop, tablet and smart phone) and various operating systems (Windows™ OS, Mac OS®, iOS, and Android®) providing customers with the solutions they need in the environment that best facilitates their business goals.


With our flexible solutions, ViTel Net is uniquely positioned in the telehealth marketplace to deliver tailored, enterprise-wide solutions in months rather than years, while taking advantage of existing and emerging technologies.