ViTel Net uses the following two platforms to deliver high quality, modular solutions to our customers that not only fully support their current telehealth requirements but also can adapt and scale as their telehealth initiatives change and grow in the future:

The MedVizer Configuration Platform – tools and components that we use not only to create off-the-shelf solutions across the telehealth continuum of care but also to tailor these mature solutions to meet the needs of each customer without writing programming code.

The MedVizer Single Runtime Platform – a common platform underlying all of ViTel Net's telehealth solutions. Use of a single, cloud-based platform across the telehealth continuum of care provides a robust, reliable technical infrastructure that is both affordable and scalable. It also simplifies interoperability with other health IT systems and decreases the complexity of ongoing operational support for telehealth solutions for first responders, inpatient and ambulatory referral/consults, home and mobile remote monitoring, health ekiosks, virtual visits (vCare Net), and more.