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Our modular telemedicine/telehealth solution platform has multiple distinct components. Our approach enables our customers to meet their telehealth technology needs either by having ViTel Net integrate the additional components they require with the components in which the customer has already invested or by having ViTel Net provide the total telehealth technology solution.

For example, if a customer wants to have remote consultations available to their patients in Emergency department of acute care setting, it’s easy to tailor a ViTel Net Referral-Consult solution that uses the customer’s existing videoconferencing infrastructure. Select only the functionality required, ranging from simple video conferencing to a telehealth cart solution with multi-specialty referrals and PACS/EMR integration.

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Telehealth Modular Capabilities

Continiuum of Care Diagram


ViTel Net's telehealth solutions cover the Continuum of Care from first responders through delivery of care in remote healthcare locations to virtual visits and mobile/home health monitoring - all using the same technology, same platform and same database.

ViTel Net's Continuum of Care supports an integrated system of care in which healthcare professionals can diagnose and treat patients remotely with a comprehensive array of telemedicine/telehealth services that span all specialties and levels of care.

Medical imaging has been integrated into ViTel Net’s telehealth-based EMR, providing the specialist the ability to connect to and display medical images (typically using the DICOM standard) through a browser-based, zero-footprint image viewer.

ViTel Net’s solution platform uses the latest health IT industry standards and protocols to exchange the information from the telemedicine/ telehealth sessions with Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems and to make it available, when desired, directly to the patient.

ViTel Net's Solutions Across the

Telehealth Continuum of Care

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