Currently, the EMT/paramedic in the field has limited ability to transmit vital signs and other potentially diagnostic information to the receiving Emergency Department, beyond voice reporting over mobile telephone. This method can lead to inaccurate and incomplete receipt of critical information. In addition, interpretation of diagnostic information such as ECG, blood oxygen saturation, is not possible. Lastly, information from the field must be re-entered into the patient’s electronic medical record upon arrival at the Emergency Department increasing the risk of inaccuracies.

Emergency Responder Case


ViTel Net's 1st Responder Emergency Case features a touch screen – ideal for the fast-paced environment of emergency medicine – and is EMS-specific, organized by areas of injury & patient’s symptoms. It includes integrated wired & Bluetooth-enabled medical devices and sensors and allows the collection and transmission of vital signs and other patient data in real-time.

The software enables the rapid entry of clinical information and transfers a record of the entire pre-hospital chain of events in real-time to clinicians at the receiving Emergency Department and can be easily uploaded into the patient’s EHR.