Patients in either hospital or clinic settings often require consultations and management by physician and other clinician specialists. Within teaching hospitals, these consultations are completed quickly. However, in community hospitals, particularly those in nonurban areas, and clinic facilities, specialty consultations may be delayed by several days or weeks; specialist providers simply may not be available in the local community. Because specialty consultations are often required due to acute changes in a patient’s conditions, delays may compromise the quality of care and potentially result in poor clinical outcomes. In addition, evaluations that are delayed and that require patients to travel to meet with specialist providers can decrease patient satisfaction due to frustration and difficulty related to lost worktime and inconvenience.



ViTel Net's Referral-Consult solution facilitates real-time, video clinical evaluation of patients, expanding access to specialty and primary care. As a result, patients in rural and medically underserved areas can receive timely and convenient diagnosis and treatment from remote healthcare providers. Our solution enables both referring and consulting sites to enter patient information quickly and easily, access other clinical data and images and "forward" them for later review or transmit them in real time to a specialist for evaluation.

This solution uses high-definition, HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing technologies to connect patients and physicians. Our Multi-Specialty Referral-Consult mobile cart, desktop, and tablet configurations provide a simple clinical solution, which can easily be integrated into existing clinical workflows to enhance access to high quality care.