Portable Telehealth Case

patient transport

Designed to Address the Remote Diagnostic Needs of Patients in Rural Communities

Are your communications limited due to a rural environment? Imagine conducting a Referral-Consult anywhere in the world. This modular, ruggedized unit is designed for portability and ease of use.

The Portable Telehealth Case features a touch screen. It includes integrated wired & Bluetooth-enabled medical devices and sensors that allows the collection and transmission of vital signs and other patient data in real-time or for later review - store and forward.

Medical peripherals can include digital stethoscope, thermometer, 12-lead ECG, blood pressure and pulse monitor, pulse oximeter, and other commercial off-the-shelf Bluetooth or wired medical devices.

Solution Images

solution screen shot solution screen shot
solution screen shot solution screen shot

Included Modules
scheduling clinical engagement medical devices
Optional Modules
medical specialties medical imaging Cloud Imaging Hosting
  PACS Integration EHR/EMR Integration    

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