Currently, the EMT/paramedic in the field has limited ability to transmit vital signs and other potentially diagnostic information to the receiving Emergency Department, beyond voice reporting over mobile telephone. This method can lead to inaccurate and incomplete receipt of critical information. In addition, interpretation of diagnostic information such as ECG, blood oxygen saturation, is not possible. Lastly, information from the field must be re-entered into the patient’s electronic medical record upon arrival at the Emergency Department increasing the risk of inaccuracies.



ViTel Net's 1st Responder Point-of-Care solution is designed from the ground up to enable the EMT/paramedics who are treating and transporting a critically ill patient to communicate with the receiving hospital emergency department in order to hasten initiation of life-saving treatment.

The software facilitates the rapid entry of clinical information, transfers a record of the entire pre-hospital chain of events in real-time to clinicians at the receiving hospital, and includes the ability for remote physicians to see and talk directly with the patient in a live video session.