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Medical Care in the Golden Hour, Increase the Survival, Decrease Long-Term Disabilities

ViTel Net's 1st Responder Point-of-Care (POC) is a tablet solution designed from the ground up for the EMT/paramedic in the field. The software enables the rapid entry of clinical information and transfers a record of the entire pre-hospital chain of events to clinicians at the receiving healthcare facility.

Using wireless technology, Point-of-Care (POC) allows the collection and transmission of a patient's condition in real-time – seamlessly connecting medics in the field with the rest of the organization and the Emergency Department, providing a detailed description of pre-hospital care.

The POC touch screen, organized by areas of injury and patient symptoms, is ideal for fast-paced emergency scenarios.

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Included Modules
scheduling clinical engagement
Optional Modules
medical devices medical imaging Cloud Imaging Hosting
  PACS Integration EHR/EMR Integration    

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