ViTel Net Modular Design

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ViTel Net’s telemedicine/telehealth solutions are based upon a modular architecture where the various functional modules can be combined to produce a variety of configurations to provide a solution that is precisely tailored to deliver the capabilities that meet each customer's specific requirements.

ViTel Net’s Modules are software components that add specific function(s) to the customer's required solution. Functional modules include:

Video Platform

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ViTel Net has incorporated a remote camera control and device selection manager into our enterprise-wide solution offering. Remote consultants on a videoconference can control the movement of a camera and the selection of the input device being used at the patient’s location as a part of the clinical delivery process.

ViTel Net’s Video solution is built on our open video platform, Vidyo's service platform, and Cisco's development platform, which enables us to easily integrate with any video conferencing solutions on the market such as: Cisco Jabber, Polycom, Vsee, Vline, and many more. All of these video conferencing technologies support multi-party video conferencing and standards such as H.323, SIP and SVC protocols.

Scheduling & Routing


ViTel Net’s powerful scheduling module allows access to crucial patient information and provides the functionality to control the entire patient scheduling process from a single screen. This enables staff to manage patient demographics, view referral information, add new patients, find next available timeslot, view appointment histories, and schedule appointments. Role-based access is used to determine the features and capabilities that personnel can see and use, and security can be implemented down to the data element level.

Scheduling & routing capabilities allow the provisioning and routing of calls to specific services and providers based on desired specialty service, patient location, and provider availability.

Clinical Engagement

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ViTel Net's Telehealth Continuum-of-Care solutions support clinical engagement in which healthcare professionals can diagnose and treat patients with a comprehensive array of telemedicine/telehealth services that span all specialties and levels of care.

ViTel Net’s solutions support the virtual clinical encounter with a patient, during which a healthcare professional can perform an assessment or clinical activity. These encounters can range from first responder encounters, through referral-consult and remote care delivery to virtual visits and mobile health monitoring – all using the same technology, same platform and same database.

Medical Specialties

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ViTel Net’s specialty Referral-Consult modules are designed to meet the needs of a variety of different specialties. Pre-defined fields facilitate documenting relevant clinical information based on the evidence-based clinical practice guidelines for that specialty.

Available specialties and specialized forms can be tailored easily and rapidly to meet the needs and preferences of each health care organization.

Medical Device Integration
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ViTel Net easily integrates all standard devices: audio, video and biometric devices.

Wired and Bluetooth sensors are supported through our Device Capture Manager. Information relative to pulse, blood pressure, temperature, breath flow meters and blood glucose are but a few of the devices supported by this capture manager. All information that is captured is linked and stored in the patient’s telehealth-based electronic medical record.

Integrated Medical Imaging

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ViTel Net’s medical imaging is not just another one of the 150+ radiology-centric Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS). It is different from any other image management system from inception. ViTel Net’s medical imaging is not an afterthought that occurred after implementing ViTel Net’s telehealth-based electronic medical record (EMR). It evolved with our EMR to satisfy a diverse set of clinical needs.

Medical imaging is EMR-centric, achieving close integration between text and images, and is accessible enterprise-wide. It can exist on practically any workstation that is used to access the online patient chart.

Medical imaging provides side-by-side views for images and reports, reaching multiple aspects of the patient’s medical history. All the components of ViTel Net's medical imaging work together to provide the most comprehensive image management system – for clinical settings as small as a single doctor’s office or as large as a nationwide hospital network.

Cloud-Based Medical Imaging

Cloud Imaging

ViTel Net’s solution manages DICOM and non-DICOM image studies that are viewed and evaluated by medical specialties such as neurology (including stroke management), cardiology, radiology, dermatology, wound care, and ophthalmology.

ViTel Net’s solution allows authorized users anywhere in the world to easily upload images and other related documents and information to a cloud-based image management system. Information can be uploaded from a variety of imaging sources, such as an echocardiology imaging device, PACS archive, local computer or network drive, or a CD/DVD.

ViTel Net’s image solution provides a robust set of viewing capabilities for medical images, including general image manipulation tools as well as annotation and measurement functions. Clinicians can create reports and associate them with the image studies. Reports can be printed or securely exchanged with patients and other health care providers.

Dedicated Hosting Integration

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ViTel Net provides a secure, reliable cloud hosting solution for our customers. Our application architecture is fully redundant, secure, HIPPA compliant, and scalable to meet your needs.

Our hosting is HITRUST-certified and includes a Tier 4 data center with strict physical security controls. Perimeter security provides IP reputation filtering and DoS/DDoS mitigation. Our network security provides intrusion detection, isolated security zones, and vulnerability monitoring. Our server security provides hardened operating systems, antivirus and malware protection, and log monitoring.

PACS, RIS Integration

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ViTel Net has implemented a state-of-the-art Picture Archive and Communication (PACS) Gateway, which integrates high-resolution legacy radiographic information with ViTel Net’s enterprise wide-information repository.

ViTel Net's PACS Gateway can scale to implement an enterprise-level solution that leverages existing legacy technologies to meet the challenges of accessing and disseminating radiographic information across all clinical care delivery settings.

EMR/EHR Integration

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ViTel Net incorporates the latest health IT industry standards for data terminology and transport to ensure seamless interoperability with other health IT systems. Standards include: HL7, ICD-10, DSM-5, SNOMED-CT, LOINC, and DICOM. ViTel Net solutions can create a CCDA (Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture) and electronically exchange it in accordance with the Direct protocol, by using CONNECT to an eHealth Exchange participant, or by enabling content exchange using the Blue Button Service.

ViTel Net supports HL7 transactions and DICOM communications within their product offering. Information can be seamlessly integrated to existing institutional systems using a push / pull transaction paradigm, and quickly integrates information from various laboratory, department and hospital information systems.

Proactive Cart Monitoring

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ViTel Net has a long history of supporting customers who need to be sure their equipment and systems are always available. We provide remote monitoring and management (RMM) of our telehealth carts. Our RMM solution ensures that any telehealth cart is ready and operational when needed and offers a desktop command IT button for instant chat connection with our helpdesk.

ViTel Net maintains a 24/7/365 helpdesk and offers a customized solution for proactively monitoring equipment performance and availability. The RMM solution allows us to monitor the cart (backup) battery, connect to the cart PC for remote access, monitor and push Windows patches, offer anti-virus monitoring and provide automatic mediation if a virus is detected. We can also monitor the status and performance of the video codecs (Cisco SX-20) if they are part of a cart.

Available Specialties

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Additional Solutions

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