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Tracking Patient Health Status Conveniently and Easily - Anytime, Anywhere

ViTel Net's mobile monitoring solution allows healthcare providers to track the health status of patients with chronic conditions or following discharge from acute care episodes. The patient's biometric data and self-entered information is collected and securely sent to the clinician, so adverse changes can be detected quickly and appropriate action taken to reverse them and prevent any further deterioration.

The mobile health monitoring system supports patient health assessment messaging, education and biometric data obtained from commercial standard-based physiological measurement devices. Data is transferred over a secure server using existing mobile telecommunications or Internet infrastructure.

This solution benefits both clinicians and patients. Clinicians can use ViTel Net’s Case Manager web-based solution to monitor incoming patient data, review patient information, evaluate question responses, and receive alerts if patient data is outside the monitoring range. Patients can review their healthcare data as well, enabling them to take a proactive role in managing their health.

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Included Modules
clinical engagement medical devices
Optional Modules
scheduling medical imaging Hosting EHR/EMR Integration

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