VistA Imaging

An image management system is a vital part of a system supporting clinical decision-making. In the context of the Electronic Health Record (EHR), the image record has to be presented in a meaningful manner. Whether the images are presented as the part of the record supporting a diagnosis, and integral to the signed report, or as the input to the interpretation, ViTel Net VistA (VN-VistA) Imaging has the tools to fully support the clinician interacting with the record. VN-VistA Imaging is designed to manage clinician’s workflow. Multiple worklists manage various clinical operations from diabetic retinopathy to scheduled radiology workflow. Defining a worklist to support a specialist or a sub-specialist in a department can further customize each specialty workflow. Once the interpretation is completed, the results are immediately distributed to the referring physicians.

VN-VistA integrates the patient’s image record across multiple facilities in the enterprise using the information obtained from an Master Patient Index (MPI). An MPI provides information about the locations of the patient’s encounters. Servers deployed in each location provide services to create a longitudinal view of the patient's record. Clinicians find that the boundaries between facilities disappear, and the entire record of the patient is presented regardless where the data and images were acquired.

VN-VistA Imaging is made up of a number of components. The VN-VistA Imaging database is directly integrated into the EHR. There are no independent instances of databases that may get out of synchronization; in a VistA based EHR the image record is an integral part of the entire record. The database server required to support VN-VistA Imaging does not have to be scaled up significantly; the data load increase compared to a VistA instance without VN-VistA Imaging is negligible. The VN-VistA Imaging database does not hold any of the bulky pixel data. VN-VistA Imaging database manages the locations where images are stored in VN-VistA Storage. VN-VistA Imaging storage is a scalable storage infrastructure that is sized to meet the imaging needs of a facility, a region or an enterprise. VN-VistA as the EHR in conjunction with VN-VistA Imaging can fit any need from a physician’s office to the largest healthcare provider in the world.

VN-VistA is not just another Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS), not one of the 150+ PACS that are only used by radiologists and given access, as the need is recognized, to all the clinicians. It is different from any other image management system from inception. It was not an afterthought that occurred after implementing the EHR; it evolved with the medical record. It was designed to satisfy a diverse set of clinical needs. VN-VistA is EHR-centric, achieving close integration between text and images. And VN-VistA Imaging is accessible throughout the enterprise. It can be accessed any workstation used to access the online patient chart. An EHR in conjunction with Integrated Imaging can fit any need from a physician’s office to the largest healthcare provider in the world.