Cloud-Based Medical Imaging

A significant number of diagnoses require an x-ray, CT or MRI scan, ultrasound or other radiographic images to confirm. Similarly, images and reports from an ECG, EEG, colonoscopy, retinal scans and other procedures should be available to physicians as they care for patients and use an electronic health record. Optimally, a physician should be able to access earlier images and reports and should not have to log into multiple online systems to access patient data, images, and lab results. Coordination and integration of images with the electronic health record increases efficiency and quality of care, and helps reduce expensive and unnecessary duplication.

ViTel Net’s Cloud-based medical imaging solution provides a zero-footprint, browser-based viewer with a robust set of capabilities for viewing medical images, including general image manipulation tools as well as annotation and measurement functions. Clinicians can create reports and associate them with the image studies. Reports can be printed and/or securely exchanged with other healthcare providers. ViTel Net’s Cloud-Based solution manages DICOM and non-DICOM image studies that are viewed and evaluated by primary care and specialist physicians, such as those in neurology (including stroke management), cardiology, radiology, dermatology, wound care, and ophthalmology.

ViTel Net’s imaging solution allows authorized users anywhere in the world to easily upload medical images and other related documents and information to a cloud-based image management system. Information can be uploaded from a variety of imaging sources, such as an echocardiology imaging devices, PACS archives, local computers or network drives, or a CD's/DVD's.