Many physicians and other healthcare providers face mounting barriers to providing the highest quality of care to their patients. They express frustration at not being able to see their patients who have urgent problems in a timely manner, due to full schedules. Arranging consults for patients with subspecialists is difficult and often not timely.

ViTel Net’s telehealth solutions address these problems by facilitating access to primary care and specialist physicians using real-time, HIPAA-compliant data and video “visits” with patients. Access to information from the patient record is provided to remote clinicans through an interface that can be customized to their workflow needs, and includes access to laboratory other diagnostic tests, as well as radiographic and other images. Using ViTel Net's telehealth solutions patients can be evaluated by specialists without the patient having to travel to another office or facility.


Hospitals are facing increasing pressures to reduce costs, and yet provide a broader scope of care in highly competitive markets. Re-admission penalties add to these pressures, and smaller hospitals outside major metropolitan areas may have difficulty in recruiting or accessing specialists.

ViTel Net is a value-added partner helping hospitals address and resolve these and other problems. Our Referral-Consult solution facilitates evaluation of inpatients and outpatients by a broad range of clinical specialists. The 1st Responder solution provides detailed information about critically ill patients prior to and during ambulance transport to a hospital emergency department, and allows treatment of these patients at the direction of physicians at the hospital. The solutions that facilitate home and mobile monitoring, along with telehealth consultations by clinicians, have the potential to reduce re-admissions and to provide efficient and convenient follow-up of patients post-discharge.


Health insurance companies, health maintenance organizations, and government payers including Medicaid and Medicare, continually seek to reduce the rate of increase in costs and improve the quality of care. Providing telehealth clinicians remote access to a patient’s electronic health record can enhance quality of care, improve efficency, and reduce duplication of laboratory tests and other diagnostic procedures.

Re-admissions can be reduced using mobile and home monitoring solutions to detect and pro-actively treat complications that arise post discharge. In addition, monitoring of patients with chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and atrial fibrillation, can improve outcomes and prevent hospital admissions and unnecessary costs. These solutions allow clinicians to assess compliance with treatment recommendations and verify the desired clinical outcomes.

ViTel Net is a value-added partner helping third-party payers improve care at lower overall costs.


Although the desire to provide patient-centered care is increasing, the reality of healthcare delivery often falls short of this goal. Waiting extended periods of time for an appointment with a primary care physician or specialist is not consistent with the highest quality health care. Having to take off time from work to obtain care is inconvenient, time consuming, and often costly, and returning to see a physician post-discharge might require assistance from a friend or family member.

ViTel Net’s telehealth solutions have been developed to respond to the needs of patients, and enhance interactions with clinicians, hospitals and other health care providers. The mobile and home solutions allow patients to access care from physicians and other clinicians, facilitate monitoring of chronic conditions, and access their own health information wherever and whenever it is convenient. The Referral-Consult solution facilitates access to specialist physicians, reducing or eliminating travel time and hassle. A Health eKiosk in a convenient location, such as a local pharmacy or worksite, provides a secure and private setting for an evaluation by a primary care clinician or specialist, and can significantly reduce travel time and absence from work.