Infectious Disease

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Mitigate the Risks Associated with Treating Patients with Infectious Diseases

ViTel Net's Tele-Infectious Disease module is well suited to support infectious disease care delivery in multiple different settings such as consultation with patients in ambulatory and inpatient facilities located remotely and with patients being treated in infectious disease (Ebola) biocontainment units. For the biocontainment unit our solution facilitates the documentation of the monitoring activities, from a disease screening tool to a log of everyone who enters and leaves the patient's room and the management of treatments, while providing innovative surveillance monitoring that allows video communications for infectious patients with care providers and their families.

The module uses clinical software, vital sign monitors, and cameras mounted on telehealth carts, to capture video and record vital signs. The live video and vital sign feeds complement the health care staff who are wearing personal protective equipment to provide direct care to the patient and enable physician-to-patient consultation to the area where other healthcare providers are stationed, letting workers observe and communicate with the patient without having to wear the protective equipment.

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