Cloud-Based Medical Imaging

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Image Management and Sharing Solution

ViTel Net's robust Cloud-Based Medical Image Management solution manages DICOM and non-DICOM image studies that are reviewed by medical specialties such as neurology (including stroke management), cardiology, radiology, dermatology, wound care, ophthalmology, etc.

ViTel Net' solution provides a portal that allows authorized users anywhere in the world to easily upload images and other related documents and information to a cloud-based image management system from a variety of imaging sources, such as an Echocardiology imaging device, PACS archive, local computer or network drive, or a CD/DVD.

Consultants located remotely can log in through a secure web portal to find the studies they need to review. They can review the studies in a web browser using a robust set of viewing capabilities for DICOM images, including general image manipulation tools as well as annotation and measurement functions, or they can download the studies to their local system, if authorized to do so.

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Cloud Imaging Cloud Imaging - Diabetic Retenopothy Cloud Imaging with Reporting Functionality Cloud Imaging Worlkist

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Cloud Imaging
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  medical imaging PACS Integration EHR/EMR Integration Cart Monitoring    

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