Patients not in hospital or clinic settings may require consultations and management by physician and other clinician specialists. Such consultations may require a visiting nurse or family member to transport a patient to a healthcare facility. Elderly or disabled patients living at home or in a skilled nursing facility may present additional challenges navigating assisted movement devices such as wheelchairs. As well, specialty consultations for patients in remote locations or combat zones are likely to present significant challenges.

Portable Telehealth Case


ViTel Net’s Portable Telehealth Case provides all the features and benefits of our Referral-Consult carts, includes a range of integrated wired and Bluetooth-enabled devices and sensors, for portable use. Patients in remote locations can benefit from access to specialist and other clinical providers, to facilitate timely and convenient diagnosis and treatment. This solution also uses high-definition, HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing, and provides a simple clinical solution, which can easily be integrated into existing clinical workflows to enhance access to high quality care.