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Who We Are

Since the early 1990s, ViTel Net has pioneered the development of a broad range of standard and configurable telehealth technologies that allow clinicians to remotely treat and manage patient health – regardless of geographic and time barriers. Our unique technologies offer telehealth solutions for use in remote consultation, diagnosis, and care delivery as well as mobile/home monitoring. We are experts in turnkey solutions, which has helped propel our solutions and services around the globe.

As a world leader in developing healthcare technologies for both the commercial and government sectors, we build long-term relationships with leading healthcare systems, hospitals, clinics, government agencies, and healthcare providers worldwide. With a proven history of success in the exciting and evolving field of telehealth, ViTel Net is uniquely positioned to maximize the value you derive from ongoing technological advances.

What We Do

ViTel Net is driven to improve the health and well-being of individuals and communities by delivering configurable, multi-specialty, multi-platform, enterprise-wide Telehealth technology solutions. Our solutions adapt to support both current and future workflow and business requirements of healthcare providers.

Our clinical solutions embrace and enrich the Telehealth continuum of care, from 1st responder to referral-consultation to home / mobile health solutions. Patients in remote locations, for example, can have much better access to specialty care, exchanging health data and images in real-time for faster treatment and preventive care to enhance the quality of care and improve outcomes.

While telehealth scenarios continue to evolve, the ViTel Net team is positioned to provide smooth implementation of telehealth solutions tailored to your unique requirements and that can rapidly adapt to your workflows as they evolve over time. All ViTel Net solutions provide simple clinical implementations that can be scaled up and integrated to deliver true multi-platform, enterprise-wide capabilities.

Why Choose Us

Our ability to combine both clinical and IT expertise to develop innovative Telehealth solutions is unique in the marketplace and covers the Telehealth continuum of care. ViTel Net adapts technology to fit each customer’s workflow, not change a customer’s workflow to fit our technology.

With communication central to every ViTel Net Telehealth solution implementation, we engage your clinicians from the onset – fact gathering and learning about their unique requirements and workflow challenges – to ensure optimum productivity. Our team of clinical and technology professionals evaluate each customer’s needs before configuring a solution tailored to your needs.

This philosophy keeps our customers at the forefront of the Telehealth industry. It allows us to provide solutions that fit your goals today, but with the flexibility to make modifications quickly and cost-effectively at any stage. When you select ViTel Net, you are gaining a true industry partner. Relax, and let our team of experienced clinical and IT experts provide the ideal Telehealth technology solution for your organization.


ViTel Net’s Telehealth technology solutions are the highest quality, best value in the marketplace. The key differentiators that distinguish us from other companies are the quality of our leadership and staff, the flexibility and extensibility of our technology, and the breadth of our solution integration capabilities.

Superb quality of leadership and staff
  • 20+ years longevity and leadership in the telemedicine industry
  • Clinical & technical team with an outstanding track record of success in large scale health systems
  • Extraordinary experience across the telehealth continuum of care & medical imaging
Unique and agile/extensible telehealth technology
  • Cloud-based web services and application platform
  • Ability to assemble & reconfigure solutions to meet new and changing clinical service line requirements and evolving care delivery models
  • Faster, less expensive than the traditional software coding and testing approach
  • Agnostic to vendor hardware and video services
Industry-leading software solution integrator
  • Across the inpatient, outpatient, EMS, institutional care, home and mobile care setting continuum