Since the early 1990's, ViTel Net has pioneered the development of a broad range of standard and configurable telehealth solutions and technologies that allow clinicians to remotely diagnose, treat, and manage patient health – regardless of geographic and time barriers.

For over 20 years, our team has also developed and delivered large scale, enterprise medical image management solutions both nationally and internationally, integrated with Electronic Health Records, that enable clinicians to access a broad range of clinical images collected at hundreds of sites.

ViTel Net is driven to improve the health and well-being of individuals and communities by delivering configurable, multi-specialty, multi-platform, enterprise-wide telehealth technology solutions. Our mature off-the-shelf telehealth solutions adapt to support both current and future clinical workflow and business requirements.






As a pioneer in telehealth, ViTel Net has developed a suite of technology solutions that seek to cost-efficiently improve the quality and access of care across the clinical continuum. These solutions can be applied in:

  • The field for emergent patient conditions
  • Office / ambulatory care settings
  • The hospital from the emergency department to inpatient services
  • Post-acute settings including rehabilitation facilities
  • Pharmacies and other commercial health-related businesses or organizations
  • Home, or wherever and whenever a patient may require clinical care

  • Each of our mature off-the-shelf telehealth solutions can be tailored to meet the needs and existing workflows of clinical staff, as well as customer business needs. In addition, each solution can easily exchange information seamlessly with existing electronic medical record systems.

    In addition to our off-the-shelf products, we continue to develop novel solutions and applications using our technologies in response to evolving customer needs resulting from advances in health care and changes in reimbursement models.

    ViTel Net also provides initial implementation and training, as well as ongoing technical support, for all of our telehealth solutions.

    We seek to build long-term relationships with our customers, which include healthcare systems, Accountable Care Organizations, hospitals, clinics, and government agencies in the US and around the world.

    With a proven history of success in the exciting and evolving field of telehealth, ViTel Net is uniquely positioned to maximize the value you derive from ongoing technological advances.



    Why Choose Us


    Our ability to combine both clinical and IT expertise to develop innovative telehealth solutions across the telehealth continuum of care is unique in the marketplace.

    ViTel Net adapts technology to fit each customer’s workflow; we do not require changes in a customer’s workflow to fit our technology.


    With communication central to every ViTel Net telehealth solution implementation, we engage your clinicians from the onset – fact gathering and learning about their unique requirements and workflow challenges – to ensure optimal productivity.

    Our team of clinical and technology professionals evaluates your unique requirements to ensure that our solutions align with your needs.


    We continuously innovate to keep our customers at the forefront of the telehealth industry. This allows us to provide solutions that fit your current and future goals, with the flexibility to make modifications quickly and cost-effectively at any stage.

    When you select ViTel Net, you are gaining a true partner. We look forward to engaging our team of experienced clinical and IT experts with you to provide the ideal telehealth technology solution for your organization.