Welcome to ViTel Net’s new, updated portal of telehealth information and solutions.

Here you will learn about the ViTel Net difference – what makes us unique and the clear leader in the telemedicine/telehealth industry. Read about our highly skilled team, our state-of-the-art technological tools, our solutions that improve patient care and access to physicians, and our reputation for flexibility and excellence.

As telehealth becomes an accepted – and expected – part of the healthcare continuum, ViTel Net is poised to provide clients their telehealth solutions of tomorrow, today. 

Our clinical solutions embrace and enrich the continuum of care, from 1st responder to remote or personal mobile health monitoring. Patients in remote locations, for example, can benefit from specialists in metropolitan hospitals, and personal health data can be exchanged in real-time for faster treatment and preventive care. All of this to enhance the quality of care and improve outcomes. 

While telehealth scenarios continue to evolve, the ViTel Net team is positioned to provide smooth implementation of customized solutions that can adapt to changing workflows. All ViTel Net solutions support a simple clinical solution, yet all can be expanded and integrated to enable true enterprise-wide capabilities.

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